Herbal Extracts rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, fiber and lignans is considered as a powerful plant based food that is good for overall health. Many dieticians and nutritionists suggest to include these extracts in the diet in order to improve digestion, control diabetes, lower cholesterol level, control blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. People can consume these Herbal Extracts in many different ways. If they cannot swallow them, they can ground them for easy consumption.

The provided Minerals range is among the most common industrial materials used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other domains. Besides, the range is added in almost all materials, from simple blend to a complex solution. The products can be dry and ground into powder. This Minerals range can be used not only in industries, but also in residential areas for various purposes. These products are marketed to the customers at affordable rates. They can be procured in bulk quantities to meet the requirements.

These Essential Oils with high antioxidants have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. People can soak the seeds overnight in water and drink that water on an empty stomach to improve metabolism and balance blood sugar. The entire oil range has a distinctive flavor and aroma, and it can be added into curries of vegetable and meat dishes. This Essential Oils range is processed leaves and can be sprinkled over the cooked dishes. The oils are composed from plants that are carefully plucked and sun dried.

These small and hard Pharmaceutical Pellets can be chewed or soaked in water overnight for reaping its benefits. Those who take pellets on daily basis can manage their weight, diabetes, and cholesterol level. These pellets are a rich source of fiber, protein, carbs, fat, iron, magnesium and manganese. Besides, these Pharmaceutical Pellets with nutty taste can be ground into powder for use. They are also good for men and breastfeeding women.

The provided Phytochemicals range helps to meet the nutritional requirements of children engaged in day to day physical and mental activities. Besides, the nutritional drink can be prepared by mixing 2 tablespoon in 150ml of milk. This Phytochemicals range is supplied in the pack of 200gm and other options.Get high quality organic chemicals in quality packaging at best available price from our company. These compounds are suitable to use in medicines, foods, beverages, and many other products. They are quality tested before delivering to the customers.

Not just people love the bitter yet addictive flavor and strong aroma of our Preservatives in cooked gravies and curries, but also in parathas. The dried compounds can be stored in air tight container for a longer time period. This range is used in materials of regional dishes in Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Give your loved ones a distinctive flavor and health benefits range via our Preservatives. The range helps the industries to produce products in bulk quantities at least prices.

NEW LIFE MEDICALS PVT LTD is providing a range of Sterile Products that includes cloxacillin sodium sterile, amoxicillin sodium sterile, and many other variants. These products are significantly used in the pharmaceutical, medical, and other industries to safely manufacture products in large quantities. Our products are highly acknowledged in the market for their purity, quality, and effectiveness. The offered Sterile Products are supplied to the industries in whole quantities at sensible costs. These products can also be delivered to the customers in personalized specifications.

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